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Exercise – An Investment in your Child’s Future

Paying for a regular scholastic tutor is standard practice for parents who want to see their child succeed in the future. We are starting to see a trend of parents investing in regular physical training for their children. When we’ve quizzed these parents about why they’ve taken this step these are the top three answers that they’ve given us:


1. We’re concerned about the inactive lifestyle of our child

This is a legitimate concern. The Australian Department of Health recommend that 5-17 year olds participate in 60 minutes of moderate - vigorous activity each day. Children should also engage in activities that strengthen muscles and bone 3 days/week. The 2011-12 Australian Health Survey showed at least 40% of children aren’t achieving these activity levels. Children were easily spending twice as much time in front of a screen than being active. Currently 25% of our children are overweight or obese and the problem is getting worse.


2. We want to reduce the risk of injury in sport

Regular exercise strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments. Teaching your child to move effectively and improving their strength and mobility will reduce the risk of injury – particularly in highly repetitive or high impact sports. Regular well-structured training will also give your child an athletic edge over their competition, who are unlikely to be training as effectively. Preparation for sport is the key for reducing the risk of injury and also for achieving great results. Quality training wil allow your child to reach their athletic potential. We’ve had young athletes excel on the international stage in soccer, basketball, tae kwon do, athletics, triathlon, tennis and golf just to name a few.


3. We want our child to reach their full potential

Being physically active with others can develop determination, mental toughness, social skills and self-confidence. Research from the University of Illinois showed that fitter children had a bigger hippocampus (an area of the brain associated with better performance in reasoning and cognitive tasks) and had higher performance in memory tasks compared to their unfit counterparts.

The bottom line is that the good and bad habits that we develop in childhood follow us into adulthood. Developing health and activity lifestyles with your children will provide a foundation for their healthy future.

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Written by Dave Liow.