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Project: The Kaizen Ripple Effect


Quite simple really – to change the world for the better.

Our Vision at Kaizen is to: To fulfil potential and live life to the fullest

Through our mission:

To inspire healthy life choices

Create a ripple effect of positive change

Take the Kaizen approach

(Yes I am bias but) Kaizen is truly a fantastic place to be – the environment, the team, the clients. Being around such inspiring people on a daily basis is such a blessing.

How can more people experience what we do everyday?

How can we fulfil our vision and mission as a business?

How can we change the world for the better??

Well we can take the kaizen approach – start with one small step, be consistent and build the Kaizen ripple effect.

The year started with collating our Kaizen client stories and goals and sharing them on facebook (which we will continue to do) and what amazing stories we have seen and its only the tip of the iceberg. (Check out our Kaizen Facebook)

But I want to not only share Kaizen client stories, but the stories of our Sunshine Coast community, across QLD, Australia and internationally.

In 2014 I am going to visit lots of different people, doing different types of exercise in different locations and share their stories to help inspire healthy change. There is someone right now out there not moving, not exercising who can be inspired by your story. Its so easy to take the easy option and do nothing but by sharing these stories we hope it may spark or reignite a passion in people and get the Kaizen Ripple effect.

We want to show you how much fun exercise can be, what it can bring to your life, how it can change your life, and along the way hopefully inspire you to fulfil your potential and live life to the fullest.

Not only that but I am excited about what I can learn from the amazing people out there. So I would love to join you for an exercise or activity session and share your story :) Contact us on 5641 1132 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be involved.

Let's get the Kaizen Ripple Effect


Some Highlights so far.......

Yoga on Waikiki Beach In Japanese

What I loved about this is that Yoga is universal. Apart from an American lady from the desert in America, the rest of the class was Japanese yet everyone was smiling and really connected. No words were really exchanged that anyone could understand but everyone knew that this was just a beautiful experience.

And the American lady was really inspiring. She was 60+ and had started yoga several years ago because of a frozen shoulder and hasn't turned back. She practices at least 3 x/ week and wasn't going to let a holiday in Hawaii stop her practice.

Golf at Ko'olau Golf Course Hawaii

Breathtaking is the only way to describe this experience. In the middle of the mountains, in the middle of Hawaii with no-one on the golf course except Craig (my husband and I) was truly amazing.

Yes we had the worst ever scores we have ever had in golf but we didn't care. Being with nature, in the fresh air, listening to the birds with a postcard photograph at every hole outweighed all the bad shots!

The highlight for my husband was watching his golf balls float through the air majestically with the mountain as backdrops. (unfortunately mine didn't get off the ground as much to get the majestic experience)

Pairing with an 8 yr old Gabby in tennis against Roy and Julie

Tennis is such a great sport because people of all ages can play it. The afternoon playing tennis with the Henzell’s was just so much fun. I loved how the whole family could get out and play. Pairing with an 8 yr old was just awesome! I love how kids have no fear and how she was pumped to win every point. I loved the pep talks Gabby gave me after every point and high fives particularly when we won a point against Roy and Julie. I loved that despite needing a hip replacement Roy has worked on his conditioning with Dave from Kaizen and was able to have a go on court. It was also great seeing Julie get back on the court after years off having the kids, particularly seeing the enjoyment when she won points against the tennis champ daughter Alexandra. It was also good admiring some of the shots of Alexandra who had just come back from a tennis camp in the states and appreciating the finesse in tennis technique.

St Kilda Beach walk and Sea Baths Visit with a close friend

A good friend of mine was moving to Melbourne for work where she knows absolutely no-one. So what were some of the things she considered when moving to a new area? She wanted to be near the ocean where she could exercise so she could feel good about herself and join health and sporting clubs to meet people with similar interests.

So we walked along St Kilda beach and went and joined her up to St Kilda baths. That's one thing I love about exercise - how it can help you meet new people and despite being in a town where you know no-one you don't feel lonely.

Doing an assessment and program for my mum

My mum recently came to visit and the simple fact is she will have to get a knee replacement at some stage from a motorbike accident in the 70's. But my mum has had a tough run medically with lots of previous operations and just isn't ready to have the replacement yet but she was in a lot of pain unable to walk most of the previous week.

So finally she let me have a look and actually listened to some things I had to say. Its taken about 15 years of me doing the job. I guess family are always the hardest clients.

The long and short of it is that with 4 simple exercises that she has been doing consistently she is in nowhere near as much pain and can move more freely. She said it takes her less than 10min a day to do them and really just cant believe the difference.

So the point here is that what may seem like a big barrier to overcome may only need a few simple things done consistently (Kaizen) to make a massive difference.

Training with a friend and her daughter

Summer holidays saw my friend Anita and her daughter Ella who holiday at Cotton Tree caravan park come and join me for some exercise. What a great couple of weeks we had. I loved seeing how exercise is great for mother-daughter bonding particularly when they teamed up together in challenges.

Life is extremely busy for Anita working full time and her family but they are now making the time to exercise and do it together. They realized that 15-20min was all they needed to do and they can do it at home. They bought a pair of crankit straps and do little circuits a few mornings a week before school and work. Ella has become mums little trainer and is looking at studying exercise physiology when she gets a bit older.

Pairing with Tye to do Tegan and Johns Challenge

One thing we live by at Kaizen is practicing what we preach and not expecting anyone to do something that we wont do ourselves. And this was the case when Tye and I took on two of Kaizen Clients in a circuit challenge.

A few things:

Training with Tye is just awesome. He is a really motivating person and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tegan and John have come an amazingly long way because that challenge hurt. It was a tough challenge. So much so I couldn't straighten my arm the next day from all the jump chins.

I also loved how Tegan and John are fired up for the next challenge so we better watch out!

Written by Angela Jenkins.